Individual agreement on the publication of videos or podcasts on Edumedia

The following parts [names] have today concluded the following agreement on the publication of videos or podcasts.

Title of video / podcast:


Nature of recording:

[] Recording of sound

[] Shooting of film

[] The recording is transmitted in real-­time

[] The recording is archived for later publication

[] PowerPoint and other visual materials will be insertedinto the final recording

The video/podcast will be published on The users of are allowed to use the material for non-­‐commercial educational or research purposes. The people / groups of people mentioned below have given their consent to the recordings published on Edumedia:


The undersigned retains the right to withdraw consent to publication at his / her own discretion. The undersigned accepts, by signing this document, the current regulations governingEdumedia. The undersigned permits the recording of the above-­‐mentioned video / podcast.


Date / signature